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Investment Casting

Sand Casting
Shell Mould Casting
Centrifugal Casting
Gravity Die Casting
Pressure Die Casting
Forging Process
Extrusion Process

CNC Products provide for Valves, Pumps,
and Textile Industries.



Pressure die casting is a quick, reliable and cost –effective manufacturing process for production of high volume, metal components that are net-shaped have tight tolerances. Basically, the pressure die casting process consists of injecting under high pressure a molten metal alloy into a steel mold(or tool).This gets solidified rapidly(from milliseconds  to a few seconds) to form a net shaped components. It is then automatically extracted.

Lower Costs compared to other processes.
Economical-typically production of any number of components
from thousands to millions before requiring replacement is possible.
Castings with close dimensional control and good surface finish.
Castings with thin walls, and therefore are lighter in weight.


Automotive parts like wheels, blocks, cylinder heads, manifolds etc.
Aerospace castings
Electric motor housings
Kitchen ware such as pressure cooker
Cabinets for the electronics industry.
General hardware appliances pump parts, plumbing parts.