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Investment Casting

Sand Casting
Shell Mould Casting
Centrifugal Casting
Gravity Die Casting
Pressure Die Casting
Forging Process
Extrusion Process

CNC Products provide for Valves, Pumps,
and Textile Industries.

To achieve high standards of performance by continuous improvements

To achieve total customer satisfaction

To maintain high standards of business policies ensuring a fair deal to all our customers thereby assuring honesty, transparency and adherence to business ethics in all our transactions.

Finishing Options : :

Machining, chemical-treating, annealing, assembly, heat-treatment etc.
Prototype or full production runs
All types of CAD files accepted
Engineering & design assistance available.
Before charging raw material is weighed for each charge in cupola furnace operation practice ...

Test bar is drawn every 1 hour
Carbon equivalent test
Temperature test through ferro lab
Temperature measurement instruments
Brinell rockwell hardness