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Sand casting offered by us is well known process that facilitates the less significant batches that is to be made and are compared to enduring mold casting.  We offer this process at the market leading prices and also make the fabrication of many products very easy. It benefits sand casting, such as very small size operations and allows many metals to bed casted. Following are the salient features of the process.

Mass limit of z2300-2700 kg
Minimum part weight ranges from 0.075-0.1 kg
Can create the entire bed for one rail car

It is the most popular and most basic of all the casting processes along with being economical. first a cavity in the sane is formed by using a pattern made of wood or metal. The cavity is contained in a flask. Cores are put in the cavity to form holes of the desired shapes. An extra void called Riser is created in the mold to contain excessive molten material. The purpose of this is to prevent voids in the main casting. Generally sand casing consists of a two-part Sand Casting Mold. While the upper part is called the Cope, the lower part is called the Drag. A parting line or surface separates the two.
Some portion of the drag is filled with sand. The cores, core print, and the gating system are placed near the parting line. The cope and the drag are assembled then sand is poured in the cope half. That covers the pattern, core and the gating system. The sand gets compacted by vibration and other mechanical processes. After this, the cope is removed from the drag. The pattern is removed. Care is taken so that pattern is removed without breaking the mold cavity. This can be taken care of by designing a draft, which is usually a minimum of 1” or 1.5 mm (0.060 in), more rough the surface of the pattern, the more the draft to be provided.